The Production Team

Jim Tapp – Executive Producer

Jim was born in Peru and moved to Oklahoma at the age of 6. He discovered his passion for hunting when he was in college. Shortly after marrying his wife Casi, they sold everything they owned and even cashed in a 401K so they could buy some land outside Oklahoma City to raise a family. Jim is a part time real estate developer and a full time camera man/producer for Youngwild (during hunting season anyway).
Interesting Fact: When Jim first started hunting white-tail deer, it took him 4 seasons before his first successful harvest.

Cooper Ross – Director of Photography/Producer

Cooper was born in Austin, TX and had the pleasure of living in 5 states before settling in Oklahoma in 1995. Cooper is the award-winning President and Director of Photography at Insight Visual Media Productions He discovered his passion for storytelling through the lens of a camera as a journalism student. His creative genius behind the lens is matched by a deep understanding of marketing and advertising principles, graphic design, creative writing and post production.
Interesting Fact: Cooper once carved a life-sized ice sculpture of David Hasselhoff using only a peach pit and a cola can.

headshot-dylanDylan Ross – Camera Operator/Pilot

Dylan was born in Twin Falls, Idaho. After several moves across the globe, he settled down in Oklahoma. Dylan served in the U.S. Army and is a veteran of OIF and OEF. Dylan’s interests and skills involving computers, photography, videography and aviation make him a crucial part of the YoungWild team.
Interesting Fact: Dylan has been told on more than one occasion that he resembles Steve Buscemi.