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Season 1 Sizzle Reel

Featuring the best YoungWild season one moments including stunning photography and cinematography highlighting the jaw-dropping North American landscape.

Yukon Stone Festival Film

This award-winning cut of the YoungWild adventure into the Yukon was submitted to the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Outdoor Film & Festival Tour where it took home 4 awards, including the prestigious Best of Festival award.  Watch and you’ll see why Wild Sheep Foundation president, Gray Thornton, calls the YoungWild Stone Sheep hunt “the new Wild Sheep Foundation.”

EP11 - Journey to the Arctic Circle

This cinematic adventure in the Arctic Circle will chill you to the bone and immerse you in the beauty of one of the most remote parts of the planet. Join Lincoln in an attempt to archery harvest a Musk Oxen.

EP10 – Mountain Lion Adventure

When Lincoln, armed with only his bow, comes face to face with an apex predator, things get dicey. Don’t miss this exciting mountain lion adventure!

EP8 - Wild Predator Showdown

When Lincoln and Jim aren't pursuing North America's most remarkable big game animals, they are at home in Central Oklahoma hunting predators. This episode follows Lincoln as he helps out farmers by keeping the destructive coyotes and hogs off their land.

EP7 - Alberta Moose Adventure

Lincoln teams up with Savage Encounters for a two week rut hunt in Alberta. A close call with a wolf and a shot at one of the biggest moose of the season makes this an exciting episode.

EP6 - Turkey's Wild

In this special edition of Youngwild, Lincoln Tapp and friends hunt wild turkey across the southwest. Lincoln's best friend watches his house burn to the ground and we pull some archive footage of Lincoln's first shotgun Turkey.

EP5 - Columbian Blacktail Adventure

Northern California is Columbian Blacktail country. Just as Lincoln is half way up the tree his dad, Jim spots a buck in the distance. Stuck in a tight spot, Lincoln manages to get a shot off from the ground.

EP4 - Yukon Stone Sheep Part 2

Part two of an epic adventure in the Yukon. Lincoln finds himself standing 5 yards above a 39 inch Fannin Ram. With only seconds to spare he's forced to stand, draw, aim and release at the same time. This remarkable event makes Lincoln the youngest known hunter to harvest a Stone Sheep with a bow.

EP3 - Yukon Stone Sheep Part 1

Join Lincoln Tapp on the most ambitious big game hunt of his life as he hunts on horseback for a Stone Sheep in some of the most beautiful land in North America, the Yukon. This epic journey is full of close calls, dangerous situations, and amazing cinematography.

EP2 - Antelope Country

Join Lincoln Tapp and family on opening day of Antelope season in Gillette, Wyoming. Grandpa Sid has an unfortunate mishap and Lincoln finds a stroke of luck as he manages to get three separate shots off on the same buck.

EP1 - Meet Young Wild

Get to know Lincoln Tapp and family. This episode tells the story of how Youngwild was born. Join Lincoln as he harvests his first big game animal with a bow and get revved up with an action packed showcase of what's ahead on this season of Youngwild.